Sugar's Spotlight

Comford dog Sugar.  Small tan dog with black accents and pointy ears.  Wearing a pink collar and leash
Sugar is IS 7's very own adorable Comfort Dog. As many of you already know, IS 7 is part of the NYC DOE Office of Safety and Youth Development Comfort Dog Program.  The 2020-2021 school year is Sugar's fourth year here at IS 7! Although Covid has made our time with Sugar in the building a little difficult this year, she is always eager to join a Google Meet.  Ask your teachers to invite her to your online classes!
Sugar is going to be six years old in September 2021 and she is a lovable terrier mix breed.  She keeps busy going on long walks, playing with her favorite toys and practicing some "tricks" for delicious treats. She can’t wait to be back in a classroom with the students soon!