Incoming 6th Grade/Class of 2026

Incoming 6th Grade Honors Placement Exam Registration

Class of 2026 Hoodies Available for Purchase at our Open House

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Get Your Class of 2026 Official Hoodie for $25.00 at our IS 7 Open House on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 5:30 PM

Join our IS 7 "Class of 2026" Google Classroom

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Login to your account and join our IS 7 - Class of 2026 Google Classroom.  Everything you need to know about IS 7 can be found in one place.
Class of 2026 Google Classroom Code: 25gzpcn

Incoming 6th Grade, Class of 2026 Articulation Survey

 Hello Middle School in rainbow colors Attention incoming 6th-grade students and parents entering  IS 7 in September of 2023:  Please complete the following articulation survey.

Class of 2026 Incoming 6th Grade Articulation Survey