Important: Click Here for IS 7 Summer ELA and Math Assignment Information

All students at IS 7 are required to complete grade-specific summer Reading and Math assignments.  To access these assignments you must do the following.
  • Log into your IS 7 Google account
  • Click on the Google Classroom Icon
  • Find your Grade Specific Classroom
    -Incoming 6th, Class of 2023 - Classroom Code ljkzzur
    -Incoming 7th, Class of 2222 - Classroom Code ilayydd
    - Incoming 8th, Class of 2021- Classroom Code yrq5r42
  • Click on classwork at the top of the page
  • Here you will have access to your assignments in the Summer Math Corner and Summer Reading Corner
  • You will see the PDF of your assignments and the Google Forms for those assignments
  • All of the assignments MUST be completed on the specific Google Forms (2 forms for ELA, 4 forms for Math)
  • You must use your account to access and submit the Google Forms.  No other Google account can be used.
  • There are strongly suggested dates to submit your work to ensure that you spread it out evenly over the summer. We recommend you adhere to them for a smooth transition to your next grade. All forms must be submitted at the beginning of September. 

    Have a Great Summer!