Attention 8th Grade Students: Important SHSAT NEWS from Mrs. Lark

I want to let you all know that late Friday I received word that the SHSAT will be given in January, and registration for the test is open starting today, December 21, 2020.  Registration for the SHSAT can be done by logging into your MySchools account.  If there is a problem please email me, and I can register your child on my end.    If you do not get to it this week, since I know how busy it can be before the holidays, please do not worry.  You have until January 15, 2021 to register!  Also, if you do try to register during the winter break and need to email me, I will be able to assist you once we return from break :)

This is some new information I received as well:

Starting this year, families will indicate their Specialized High School preference order at the time of registration in MySchools, or when they register through their current school counselors.  In the past the student had to indicate these choices at the time of the test.

This year, it appears that our students will be taking the test at I.S. 7.   The exact date is unknown, but testing dates will begin on January 27th citywide, and I promise you that once we know the date for the test, we will share it with you.  Please know that we have to wait for details and specifics to come from the district in the coming weeks, and as soon as we get that information it will be shared!

There will be another email later today with information regarding the Public High School Application Process that will begin in mid January!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a restful, happy, and healthy winter break!!!!

Take care,
Ms. Lark